The Chemin Neuf Communion

The Chemin Neuf Communion was born out of the apostolic activity of the Community towards couples, professionals, caregivers, single people … through  various experiences such as leading sessions, retreats, parish activities ……

Pentecost 1992

As this apostolic ministry of the Community progressed, more and more people felt “at home” in the spirituality of the Community without being called to become members of the Community.     At the same time the Community needed  to share its different missions with people close to it in order to cope with growth.     This is how the Chemin Neuf Communion was born at Pentecost 1992.

The Chemin Neuf Communion is therefore an apostolic body, gathered around the Community. It shares with the Community its Ignatian and Charismatic spirituality, its missions and fraternal life.

Three pillars

For a renewable period of 2 years, its members undertake to:

1) PRAY every day. This prayer being nourished by daily reading of the Word of God, and by biblical and spiritual training.

2) LIVE FRATERNAL LIFE. Meet regularly (once a month) in a group of around ten members of the same « fraternity », to share how the Lord is leading them in their lives and to support each other in prayer. Also, the Chemin Neuf Communion meets every year for regional or national meetings.

3) TAKE PART IN MISSION together with the Community and their « fraternity ».

An Apostolic body

The Chemin Neuf Communion, like the Community, brings together brothers and sisters belonging to different Christian denominations, members of the Catholic church, Orthodox churches, Eastern churches, the Anglican Communion, Reformed churches, Lutherans, Evangelicals and Pentecostals…

Communion, Reformed churches, Lutherans, Evangelicals and Pentecostals…

It is present in most of the countries where the Community exists; It consists of around 3,000 members.