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Chemin Neuf Community - Roman Catholic Community with an Ecumenical Vocation


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Contribute to the training of young people, families and clergy

Your donation will help the Chemin Neuf Community to train young people, clergy and families throughout the world so that they will each, according to their charisms and their calling, serve other people and the Church. Thank you for your contribution.


Today, even more that yesterday, humanitarian and spiritual training is essential if people are to commit themselves to serving to others.


The Chemin Neuf Community sees the provision of such training as of paramount importance. This is expensive. Thank you for your contribution.


  • Training for young people


As every year, but especially so following the WYD in Madrid, very many young people have signed up for the Cycle A and Cycle C training programmes (3 to 9 months training at Hautecombe), the Language Schools (4 month courses) and the Chemin Neuf Young People's organisation (continuous training).

  • Training for couples and families


Couples who have attended a CANA week in one of the many countries where these are held, are then often interested in discovering community life and go to Spain, to Saragossa for three months training, followed by a further six months at Hautecombe Abbey in France. After this, they return to their home countries in order to serve others and the Church.


  •   Clergy training




Young men begin their novitiate: The Cycle A three months' course, the great 30 days of spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius, and then one or two years of service in the Community to confirm their vocation, followed by studying with a view to being ordained priests:


After studying philosophy at the Studium in Chartres (which has close ties with the Sèvres Centre), they pursue their theology studies at the Dombes Institute of Theology (closely linked to the Catholic Faculty in Lyon). Currently there are fourteen seminarists from a variety of countries.

This training, so essential for the Church and the world, is very expensive even though the students do their share of providing domestic help both during term time and in the vacations.

Thank you for standing shoulder to shoulder with us; thank you for your generosity!



Ubuntu - I am because I belong

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